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Lex is an efficient language learning tool for working on authentic material on the web
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1 March 2007

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Learning about any new subject requires intensive research and study; especially when you don’t have anybody to help you out, or any professional assistance. Since, the internet medium is easily available nowadays for accessing any information and the popular web encyclopedia called the Wikipedia contains a huge range of information on a variety of topics. Normally, in order to access any piece of information from the internet, we look for Google and access it; however how do we ascertain the meaning of complex terminology and phrases and end up looking up the dictionary. To avoid all this hassle and complexities, Language Learning Express 0.90 has been designed, that offers considerable details on the language part and contributes in learning and comprehension.

Language Learning Express software opens with a neatly arranged compact interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and a tab neatly located for searching any term. This unique learning tool makes learning process much easier and simpler and especially when the user will be genuinely interested in learning a particular subject. The application contains a web browser through which the user can locate interesting matter on the internet and read about it without worrying about the understanding problems. Whether the subjects include science and technology or plants and flowers, the user will be able to focus on the content and will be able to use the vast scope of this tool in learning processes. Moreover, the user can also build up personalized glossary for looking up on grammar and terms and save time on looking up dictionaries.

To sum up, Language Learning Express certainly proves to be a constructive utility that provides ample opportunities to learn new matter and gets a rating score of 3.5 points for its moderate scope and user friendly premise.

Publisher's description

Language Learning Express, or Lex for short, is a language learning tool where you, as a learner, use material that interests you as a starting point for language learning. The learning will be much easier if you have a genuine interest in the material that you work on. It will also be more efficient because you are more likely to remember words that you really want to know.
Lex contains a Web browser by which you can find interesting material on the World Wide Web. If you are interested in plants and flowers you read about that. If you are interested in song lyrics, movie scripts or something else you work on that.
The important thing is that you are focused on the content and really want to understand what a web page is all about. In this process a lot of questions will naturally pop up. The most common one being: What does the word mean? Then again, Lex will make you turn to the Web to find an answer to that question and to others you may have.
Lex supplies everything you need as a language learner at your fingertips. It's a tool through which you will be able to use the vast amount of material available on the World Wide Web for the purpose of language learning.
When you have found an interesting text to work on you can easily look up words, listen to pronunciations, highlight words and make your own text exercises. Lex uses various sites on the Web to look up words in both bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.
As part of the look up process you can build up your own glossary, which later on can be used to make glossary exercises. To look up grammar points you simply navigate to grammar sites, either in your target language or in your native language.
Thanks to Lex you will no longer have to spend a lot of time searching in books, like dictionaries and grammars. You can instead let the computer do all the tedious searching and focus your efforts on the language issues themselves.
Language Learning Express
Language Learning Express
Version 0.90
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